Crystal Crescent Award

The Crystal Crescent Award as it is now sponsored by Arizona Flower Market starting in 2017 it is given to an individual that has gone “Above and Beyond” in their efforts to help strengthen the Arizona State Florists’ Association and our industry in general.

Crystal Crescent Award goes to

2019- Arizona Flower Market

2018- Hospice of the Valley

2017- Nick Nakagawa- (deceased)


Mellano Award 2016 goes to

The Black Canyon Conference Center


Greenleaf Awards

2015  Barb Montes

2014 Tom LaFave

2012 Tony Gonzalez

2010 Dave Paradez

2009 Gail Chronister AIFD AzMF

2007 Jodi Medlock

2006 Claire Martza

2005 Brian Vetter AAF AIFD AzMF PFCI

2004 Askren & Sons

2003 Janice A Myers

2002 Cathy Reifshneider

2001 Tony Medlock AAF AIFD AzMF PFCI

2000 Dan Bleakney AzMF

1999 Maxine Hall

1998 Bob Martin

1997 Claire Ortloff AIFD AzMF

1996 Denise Steinhour

1995 Gerhard Monheim

1994 Cathy Grim AIFD

1993 Fordyce Steinhour (deceased)