ASFA Floral Hall of Fame

The “Floral Hall of Fame” award is the highest honor offered to a member of ASFA. This award is presented to individuals who have brought honor, pride and distinction to the Association through their actions in the state and across the country. The following persons have been named to the Floral Hall of Fame in past years.


2013 Brian Vetter AAF AIFD AzMF PFCI

2005 Tony Medlock AAF AIFD AzMF PFCI

2000 Joyce Mason—Monheim AAF AIFD AzMF PFCI

1999 Claire Ortloff AIFD AzMF

1998 Joe & Betty Conroy (deceased)

1992 Kenny Watanabe AIFD

1991 Paul Miller AIFD PFCI

1990 Mike Sinanovic AIFD

1988 Fordyce Steinhour (deceased)

1987 Phil Rulloda AAF AIFD PFCI