ASFA Lifetime/Honorary Members

The “Honorary/Lifetime Member” award is presented as an acknowledgment of dedicated service and commitment to the Association. Individuals who are presented with this award have made significant contributions to the ongoing success of the Association. The award may be presented to individuals in or out of the floral industry and they do not need to be a member of the Association. The following individuals have been presented with the Honorary/Lifetime Member award in past years.


2019 Renee Potter AIFD AzMF

2018 Terri Robinson AIFD AzMF

2013 Tony Medlock AAF AIFD AzMF PFCI

2007 Brian Vetter AAF AIFD AzMF PFCI

2006 Kenny Watanabe AIFD

2004 Paul Butterbrodt AAF

2003 Phil Rulloda AIFD PFCI

2001 Joyce Mason-Monheim AAF AIFD AzMF PFCI

2001 Claire Ortloff AIFD AzMF

2000 Bob and Hope Cohen

1999 Bruce Foracre

1998 Gary Hosta

1996 Fordyce Steinhour (deceased)

1995 Ron McBain(deceased)

1995 Fritz Ruiz (deceased)

1995 Patricia Coleman (deceased)

1994 Dave Payne (deceased)

1993 Elaine Baker (deceased)

1990 Sharon Luoma AAF(deceased)

1989 Elmer Sheinbein AAF(deceased)

1988 Joe Conroy (deceased)

1987 Charles Noble (deceased)