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2024 Theme: European Bridal

Create a European Style Armature Bridal Bouquet using an armature made from the material of your choosing. Your armature may be pre-made and brought finished along with your fresh product to be assembled on site. Armature may be made from Wire, Branches, Plastic, Fabric, Moss, Rattan, etc. 

Design time: 45 minutes to complete (Tools need to be down when time is called) 

Price Limit: $100 wholesale (Excluding props)


  • Rules: Props are not included in the cost and must enhance the design, not be the design. Props may only be pre-done using non floral materials. All fresh products must be assembled during design time. No glue pans or glue guns allowed (tube glue is ok). Props may be pre assembled, pre painted and foam may be attached & pre-soaked. No other materials may be added prior to start time. 
  • Materials: You may use fresh, silk, dried, or any floral product as long as it is in the original state, no pre-cutting, pre-sizing, pre-polishing or altering. 
  • Deliverability: must be moved and deliverable by a single person. 
  • Qualifying judges: Will compare your product brought to your cost sheet. Anything not listed or over limit will be confiscated prior to competition. 
  • Design Judges: There will be 3 qualified judges evaluating each design based on the attached score sheet. Combined scores of both pieces will reflect the placement of the winners.



  • You must be registered for the current convention
  • You must be an ASFA member in good standing or work at any ASFA shop
  • You will be given #’s for both pieces and judged by these only
  • All names or shops information will be kept confidential
  • No spray painting or glue guns allowed
  • No flammable products such as candles, sparklers, torches, etc are permitted
  • Both arrangements will be moved for judging
  • Score sheets may not be returned
  • Your registration form and fee must be submitted by July 10th 2024

What can disqualify me?

  • Not being set up between 7:00-8:00 am the morning of the competition. This is the qualifying time and if you are not there with a cost sheet you will not qualify.
  • If you continue to work after the timer has said “Stop”, you will be disqualified. You will have 45 minutes to design your piece with a 15, 10, 5, and 1 minute warning. 
  • If you do not present a cost sheet with your products, you will be disqualified. The maximum wholesale price is not to exceed $100.00. The Qualifying judge will check your cost sheet against your buckets. If you have a product not listed on the cost sheet it will be confiscated. You may only use what you have listed on the cost sheet. 
  • Props must be within the size restrictions. If not you will be disqualified. Pre-made props may be made up using any floral product (mosses, vines, willow, branches etc). Props can be pre-made using non floral construction materials such as stone, metal, plastic, piping, etc. If you have a question please call the contest director. No floral material may be pre-attached to your prop. 
  • The materials used in your design must be their natural stem length or original purchase state. Nothing can be pre-cut, pre-measured, pre-painted or pre-polished. Altered materials will be confiscated.

Register Today!

If you would like to download a physical copy of the application/Information Packet, that can be found HERE

For more information, please contact Brian Vetter AAF AIFD PFCI AzMF  ||  602-908-9024 || [email protected]


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